Latest happenings

It's good to keep track

Joined Zen

Decided to go in-house and help the team scale their Zen Locum product. The company intro was fun as well; 2 parties in London followed by a train ride home feeling very sorry for myself...

New whip arrived

8 months after ordering, Pablo arrived. A Polo GTI is a car I've wanted for so long, and seeing as my next car will probably be electric I figured I'd get the petrol head, boy-racer antics out of the way now :D

Started leading my own workshops!

As someone who hated presenting and being in the spotlight, the fact that I'm now facilitating workshops is pretty cool.

Went skiing

After two years of delays, we finally hit the slopes in Courchevel! A few black runs and some big crashes later, I'd say it was a great success!.

GTI crew inbound

Yeah. Cars are cool. So much so we have a new Polo GTI joining our line-up sometime later in the year 🏁.

House deposit milestone

The market sucks at the moment, but I've been to view a few houses just to get a feel for what's out there. I'll probably hold out for now though...

Joined nuom

With the closing of Leaf, I've since joined the team at nuom as a Product Designer.

Built a bike

I wanted to see how much I could upgrade my hardtail, and ended up swapping out every part except for the frame and it now rides like a dream.